Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


atlantic publishers group's Offer

The offer that you receive is just an offer and not a bill or invoice and you are under no obligation to either buy or renew at this time or any time in the future.  However, you can enjoy all the benefits of having our company manage all of your magazine subscriptions because we are an independent company that markets 100's of the most popular publications.



All orders are full cancelable and if your order has not yet been processed we will gladly refund 100% of your payment.  However, once we have processed your order a $9.00 processing fee will apply plus our costs to submit your order.  PLEASE ALLOW SIX TO TWELVE WEEKS FOR YOUR ORDER TO BEGIN.  If choosing installment payments, we will submit one year immediately and the rest upon receipt of second installment.  If continuing, please read the label on your magazine for your actual expiration date and mark the front of the promotional offer accordingly.

All requests must be made in writing and sent to: Customer Service, PO Box 787, Niwot CO 80544